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Anna Barwick

Anna Barwick

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Diabetes in Pregnancy service funded for rural mums

The NSW Government has given PharmOnline $15,000 to offer an online gestational diabetes service that assists Australian women to overcome a big obstacle during pregnancy.

More than 41,000 Australian women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GD) anually. GD is a type of diabetes that appears during pregnancy and causes poor health outcomes for mum and baby.

The gestational diabetes service from PharmOnline will offer individualised, private telehealth consultations to women at the point of diagnosis, ensuring they feel empowered about managing their symptoms. With two diabetes educators on the PharmOnline team, women managing GD will have a choice about who they speak to. It costs $69 to have a long consultation at a time that suits the family.

Once registered for the service, families will then receive free weekly emails that align to their gestational development, which will include videos about medications, recipes with carbohydrate counts and how to interpret various test results.

The program will particularly benefit those women who live in extremely remote areas and who have limited access to medical help.

“We know from patient feedback that many women are waiting too long to be diagnosed and then have delayed information provided on how to manage gestational diabetes” says Anna.

To sign up, head to and you will be added to the mailing list. PharmOnline expects to offer this service from October 2022 onwards.

Recognised by the NSW Government, Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall said “I want to thank Anna for her work in this space and identifying yet another area that the skills of pharmacists can work to off-set the current medical practitioner shortage”. To read more, head to the link below:

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