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need your staff to talk to a pharmacist - without leaving work?

PharmOnline understands that you need your people to access a pharmacist without impacting on their productivity and availability in the workplace. 

By offering Telehealth for Commercial Workplaces, our professional and experienced pharmacists empower you and your staff to get answers without  the need to physically visit a pharmacist 

Access our Online Pharmacist Advice Service and Save Time in the Workplace

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Efficient and Effective

Travel time to a pharmacist is down time, and if you're a business or managing a client within a business, you know that down time means reduced revenue. Telehealth Consultations allow face to face assessments with pharmacists without leaving the workplace.

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Affordably Priced

Starting at only $39, telehealth consultations are an incredibly affordable way to have your contact speak to a pharmacist, while also reducing any lost time in the workplace usually allocated for travel time.

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Elite team of experienced Pharmacists

Our Professional Pharmacists are all academics in their area of expertise, specialists in multiple fields, and able to address the queries and concerns of your referred staff member or client.

An individuals health is critically important, and up until recently, a physical visit to a pharmacy was needed if they needed advice from a pharmacist.

PharmOnline has recognised this as a challenge for many people, and as such they have launched their Telehealth Conference Service for all who are unable to travel, or are unable to spare the time to travel.

Anyone working in rural and remote sites knows that taking your workers off-site to speak to a pharmacist can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

If you have a staff member or client that needs pharmaceutical advice but their leaving the workplace will impact on their productivity, or that of their the team or business, then PharmOnline is the the best option.

Join our team to get experienced advice

Our Telehealth service offers an incredible opportunity for business owners who have staff needing advice, as well as professionals in the sectors of health recovery, insurance, rehabilitation and compensation.

When an individual is in need of medical advice from a professional and a physical is not required, the most efficient way to get the answers is via a teleconference, a phone call. And with technology these days, individuals can have telehealth calls with physiotherapists, physiologists, occupational therapists, and now pharmacists.

PharmOnline’s pharmacists go a step beyond a phone service though, as we offer a face to face internet based teleconference service, allowing each party to see exactly who they’re dealing with The end result is a quality face to face teleconference that allows an in person level of comfort, rapport and trust to be developed, creating a place for an effective, and ultra efficient, dialogue.

About PharmOnline

For commercial workplaces that prefer to get answers for their staff without leaving the site, our telehealth service is an ideal solution.
The pharmacist of the year for NSW, Anna Barwick, was at the forefront of pioneering work in this field to make sure businesses like yours can achieve this. 

Her experience, knowledge, and success in the industry led to the formation of PharmOnline, our 24/7 telehealth advisory service that provides health and medicines advice to the community.


Pharmaceutical professionals work closely with general practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals, and hospitals. Some of the services provided by pharmacists can include:

  • Medicine Advice: A pharmacist can advise you on the best over-the-counter medicines, generics (cheaper medicines), and safe ways to take your medicines. Additionally, they may be able to help you to manage your medications better (for example, by filling a blister pack with your medicines according to the days and times you should take them); and do a Home Medicine Review.
  • Health Care Advice: You can get healthcare advice from pharmacists about minor ailments such as coughs and colds, post-natal care, and pain management. In addition, pharmacists can assist with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma.
  • Advice on wound care: Pharmacists can help you deal with minor injuries as well as recommend the right dressings and compression garments.
  • Vaccination Advice: Pharmacists at PharmOnline can assist you with questions regarding required vaccinations, based on your state. 
  • Baby and Children Advice: A pharmacist can provide you with advice and special products to treat common conditions faced by babies, such as nappy rash, eczema, cradle cap, constipation, pain, fever, and teething. 
  • Self-care and lifestyle assessments: Pharmacists promote wellness and prevent hospitalization by, for instance, checking BMI and helping you stop smoking.