About PharmOnline and Our Telehealth Service

PharmOnline is an advisory service that aims to provide Australians with 24/7 remote access to registered, experienced pharmacists. 

PharmOnline is particularly valuable to people that are isolated and are unable to easily access their local community pharmacy or other health services.

PharmOnline solves medication and health enquiries and empowers people to understand and value their medication. 

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Meet our Expert Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are passionate about helping people to get the best out of their medications through advice and involvement in treatment plans. We have a strong focus on preventative medicine and individualising your experience!

7 min ABOUT US

Anna Barwick

Director and Pharmacist

 Anna is a registered pharmacist with over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

Anna has been working as a pharmacy practice academic and researcher at the University of New England (UNE). Anna is a credentialed asthma educator, is accredited to undertake Home Medication Reviews (HMRs) through the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists (AACP), delivers Mental Health First Aid and has skills in women’s health and vaccination.

Anna lives on a property near Walcha with her pharmacy owner husband and two young children.

4 min ABOUT US

Nhan Do


Nhan is a community pharmacist based in Perth.

He has a particular interest in sleep apnoea and hosts the Breaking the Capsule podcast.

Nhan is vaccination trained, is a front-end Web Developer (in training) and is also fluent in Vietnamese.

8 min ABOUT US

Greg Kyle


Greg is a registered pharmacist has most recently been the Professor (Head) of Pharmacy at QUT.

Greg has a PhD in pharmacy practice and has previously worked in the Education and Information Unit at Mater Health, leading the national call centres, Medicines Line and Adverse Medicines Events Line.

Greg is a previous community pharmacy owner and has skills in drug information, cardiovascular disease management, complex conditions/patients and preventative medicine.

5 min ABOUT US

Deborah Hawthorne


Debbie is a city-born, country-loving pharmacist based in beautiful North East Victoria.

She lives with her husband (also a health professional) and twin 3 year old girls.

Debbie has over 10 years experience as a pharmacist and is currently a private consultant pharmacist completing Home Medication Reviews throughout North East Victoria and a GP Pharmacist in Wangaratta.

Additional qualifications include AACP, MHFA, Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Graduate Diploma in Information Management.

2 min ABOUT US

Penny Liddell


Penny s a pharmacist with 25 years’ experience in community pharmacy and was recently working as teaching-focused academic at University of Queensland.

Penny is the owner/operator of pharmacy consultancy business conducting medication reviews in both the community and aged care sectors and has recently moved into paediatric oncology/palliative care. 

Penny is a Brisbane-based pharmacist and is busy raising three teenage daughters.

1 min ABOUT US

Marlene Lim


Marlene Lim is a dual registered Australian and Malaysian community pharmacist based in Perth with special interests in mental health, womens health and pain management.

Marlene is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, is immunisation trained and is currently studying a postgraduate qualification in counselling.

Marlene believes in holistic wellness and loves studying about complementary medication.

She hopes to work towards a community where everyone has the first aid skills to support people with mental health problems.

3 min ABOUT US

Katie Phillips


Katie is a hospital outreach pharmacist – she conducts home-based medication reviews with people recently discharged from hospital.

In this role Katie works as part of a multidisciplinary team, helping people better manage their medications and chronic health conditions. 

Katie’s specialist areas of interest include chronic disease management (including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and falls prevention), medication adherence, medication management strategies and clinical review.

Katie is passionate about empowering people in self-management and reducing medication-related harm.

6 min ABOUT US

Jamie-Lee Woods


Jamie-Lee has been working in community pharmacy for the past 6 years and is currently studying with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists (AACP) to become accredited to undertake home medicine reviews.

Jamie-lee is passionate about disease prevention. Jamie is Brisbane-based and is busy raising her young family.

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Our Founder is NSW Pharmacist of the Year!

Anna’s pioneering work in this field has led to the formation of PharmOnline, a 24/7 telehealth advisory service which provides opportunities for the community to access health and medicines advice. Anna has also served as a member of PSA’s NSW Branch committee,” Felkai said.

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