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Pharm Online's vision is for every household in Australia to have access to a pharmacist from their home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Book an Online appointment With an Experienced Pharmacist.

Save time by chatting with us online.  No need to bundle up yourself and your family just to go to the pharmacy and ask a question.  Stay at home, in the safety of your lounge room or bedroom, without being exposed to the flu, the weather or traffic.

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Pharmonline is Australia’s First Pharmacist led Online Telehealth Service.

Lockdowns have resulted in more and more people like you reaching out for advice on medications and health, and PharmOnline has provided the bridge between isolated individuals and assistance.

We offer a range of services for new parents, people with disabilities and chronic diseases, as well as people living in geographically isolated regions who need help managing medication safety.

These services include answers regarding medication, general health queries, diagnosis of  general symptoms, medicine cabinet audits. COVID-19 vaccination queries, as well as online support groups like our SugarBaby Clinic.

What is Pharm Online?

PharmOnline Is An Advisory Service That Aims To Provide Australians With 24/7 Remote Access To Registered, Experienced Pharmacists Via Telehealth Consultations.

Whether you have a question about “what is the best hay fever medication” or “can I mix this medication with my other”, our fully qualified, active and experienced pharmacists will help you out. And because it is all over a video call, we save you the unnecessary trip down to the chemist. 

virtual telemedicine service

What is Telehealth?

Any health service provided remotely, usually through a phone call or or video conference, is considered telehealth.

The chats you’re about to have with our pharmacist, an online counselling session, or a quick call to your GP – Telehealth refers to all of these methods. 

How are we able to help?

Via our video call service, we answer medication-related questions and empower people to understand and value their medications. Speak with a qualified 1 on 1 via Video Conference. Ask about your medications without the need to drive down to the chemist. Or get all the help you need.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles and Remote Locations.

Through our secure and private tele-health platform, you can communicate with our pharmacists from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi service, regardless of the remoteness of location. This also makes it easier to accommodate your busy schedule, whether you are city-bound or country-bound.

Become part of our community.

PharmOnline is pushing the boundaries with how we can support Australians and their health. An example of this is our SugarBaby Clinic, which provides online support to mums and mums-to-be who are living with Gestational Diabetes. We want to support you to live your best and healthiest life, and offer you all the support in order for you to do so.

Private and Confidential Advice 24/7.

Experienced, active pharmacists provide advice on sensitive topics that you might be hesitant to discuss with a pharmacist at a chemist service desk. Every conversation is held in confidence, all tele-health video calls are encrypted, and all software includes market leading security protocols.

Immediate Medication Advice.

You can ask for immediate advice regarding your medicines without the need to drive to a chemist. We conduct home medicine reviews with you, and will discuss all your questions with patience and compassion. We understand that navigating medicines can be confusing, and are here to help.

Access Knowledge from Qualified Pharmacists.

Pharmacists are incredibly knowledgeable about medications, side effects, dosage, general health issues, and more. Our pharmacists also have experience in mental health, home medicine reviews, advanced drug information, preventative medicine, managing chronic health conditions, women's health and vaccinations.

Call Us From Home or Work, Anytime.

Speak to an expert, from your home or office, anytime of the day or week. We can help you with advice about pregnancy, allergies, vaccinations, combining medicines and much, much more. Our trained pharmacists are experienced in helping others, just like you, to troubleshoot their health needs and to help them navigate the next steps on their health or medicine journey.

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