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Real, expert pharmacists ready to give you health advice and treatment options, for you and your family.  

Save time by chatting with us online.  No need to bundle up yourself and your family just to go to the chemist and ask a question. 

Stay at home, in the safety of your loungeroom or bedroom, without being exposed to the flu, the weather or traffic-

PharmOnline has helped people like you and telehealth is providing a bridge between pharmacists and individuals living in isolated areas who have had questions around medications or health.

We offer a range of services for new parents, people with disabilities and chronic diseases, as well as people living in geographically isolated regions who need help managing medication safety.

These services include answers regarding medication, medical audits, general health queries, diagnosis of  general symptoms, Covid-19 vaccination queries, as well as online support groups like our SugarBaby Clinic.

Online Pharmacy Advice as per Health Direct

As seen on Health Direct

Prompt Advice

We are here to help with your health advice - we know they can pop up any day, any time, any where

Only the Best

Our pharmacists are active, registered, and experienced, waiting to help you solve your medication and health enquiries

advice for all

We know you may not have easy access to pharmacy advice - so we are striving to change this with our online health advice service

active Support

Our pharmacists can review your medication, provide treatment suggestions or refer you on for further investigations if required - all at the click of a button.

What happens when it’s late at night and your child has a rash, and you’re wondering what cream would be best to address the issue?

Or if you’re experiencing aches and pains and need expert advice about pain relief, ensuring you don’t take something that clashes with your other medication?

Our online pharmacist consultation provfides you with a way to access specialist advice from a pharmacist with out travel time adding to your stress levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth appointments, also known as Telehealth Video Consultations and Virtual Care, are similar to regular face-to-face appointments, but as you are able to ask questions and receive answers from your pharmacist at any time, from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Absolutely! This platform was initially deisgned so that Australian residents who are in remote areas can access the PharmOnlines Telehealth Service from anywhere in Australia. The only thing you need is a smart device (computer tablet phone etc) that connects to the internet and has the ability to send and receive video, and of course, you'll need the internet. 

With PharmOnline's Telehealth Constultation Software, you get to see which qualified pharmacists are available, what they specialise in, and their available booking times.  More often than not, you will find someone is avaiable within the next 15 minutes. 

Absolutely.  We are now seeing more and more telehealth consultations booked with people who are time poor and still need to get answers.  This is an extremely popular choice for people who are going through physical rehabilitation with work cover or their insurance company and they need to review medication or get answers about adverse reactions, mixing medication types, general health or lifestyle options.  The only recommendation we make is to find a private spot where you can chat in confidence. 

You can book a 15-minute individualised telehealth consultation with an experienced pharmacist – before and after business hours.
Our PharmOnline pharmacists are available from 6am-8am and 7pm-12am on weekdays – and from 8am-10pm AEDT across the weekend. 
To book an appointment, simply click the BOOK HERE button. You can book a 15-minute individualised telehealth consultation with an experienced pharmacist – before and after business hours. Our PharmOnline pharmacists are available from 6-8am and 7-12pm on weekdays, and from 8am – 10pm across the weekend. 

To book an appointment, simply click the button below.

Our affordable telehealth consultations are result-focused,
15 minutes long and only $39

PharmOnline is particularly valuable to people that are geographically or socially isolated and are unable to easily access their local community pharmacy or other health services.

Our pharmacists can let you know if there are any treatments already in your home medicine cabinet that might provide relief for your symptoms – while saving you the time and stress of having to travel for a face to face appointment. 

phone video consult

By speaking to our online pharmacists, you will have access to:

  • Ailment Advice

    A professional who can offer a diagnosis of common ailments without you having to waste time getting dressed, going out in public and waiting in a queue. If only ALL choices were this easy

  • Reassurance

    Get accurate guidance about your symptoms and treatment plan, reassuring that you're on the right path

  • Side Effects

    Ask our fully qualified team about any medication or vaccine, and get answers on the potential side effects and whether they can be mixed with other treatments

  • Pregnancy Advice

    Knowing what medications can and cannot be taken while pregnant can make life for both you and bub so much easier and safer. Have you checked out our gestational diabetes service?

medical advice online
  • Parallel Guidance

    Our team of pharmacists are also highly qualified to make recommendations for treatment that follow multiple pathways. This may include lifestyle suggestions and other holistic approaches to health.

  • Home Medication Reviews

    A HMR is the perfect way to ensure you're correctly using your meds; that they haven't passed their use-by dates, that you're storing medicines properly, help you remember administration times, and discuss whether other medications may better suit your lifestyle.

  • Over the counter Medication Advice

    We're able to discuss pharmacist only medications and prescription free medications with you, making sure you get the correct treatment for the correct diagnosis

Ok, so tell me once again - What is Telehealth (Virtual Care)?

A telehealth consultation is a way of talking with a healthcare provider, either by telephone or videoconference. Telehealth can be used when you want to talk with your pharmacist or another healthcare provider about your health, but you don’t need to see them in person.

Telehealth has played a critical role in Australia’s community health care system by providing video consultations to both Urban and Regional Australia. It has enabled disabled people, people in remote areas, and quaranting families across the country to get medicinal advice and general health care advice from a healthcare professional without needing to leave their home or office.

And what are the Benefits of Telehealth Services?

sick people queueing at the pharmacy

Skip the trip to a Chemist or Pharmacy to ask questions

Pharmacists are experts in their field

The knowledge held by pharmacists is equal to many other health professionals. PharmOnline Pharmacists make it their business to know everything they can so that you get the answers you need
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Remote Telehealth Via Mobile Device

Have a face to face session with a health professional without exposing yourself to COVID 19

Keep Safe

When you're already ill, you don't want to further expose yourself to viruses and infections. Using our telehealth service provides a stay at home solution
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people sick in a line

Ditch the waiting times in a crowded waiting room full of sick people

Manage your Time Better

You're already sick, you don't need to get any worse, and you have things to do. A video call with one of our experts will save you travel time and waiting in chemist lines
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61 Telehealth Consultation

Book a Medicine Cabinet Audit

Know what to toss, and what to keep

Cupboards get filled with left over meds. Some will be out of date, some will be recalled and much will be incompatible with each other. We go through your medication "pile" with you and let you know what needs to be binned, and how to properly use what is left.
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Medication Reviews - From Home

This should be done yearly

Yet how often do we really do it? Going through your medication routine, reviewing WHAT you take and WHY are important steps to knowing you a optimising your health and recovery.
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Nuanced Support e.g. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

You're not alone

We specialise in a number of aspects of pharmaceutical support and advice, and are building communities to support you. An example is our SugarBaby Clinic for mums and future mums who have questions around GDM
Learn More Here

When it comes to PharmOnlines Telehealth Service, it is available to anyone and everyone!

Our clients love us because they:

How does Telehealth work?

Just like Online Chat

Our custom built video consultation process is secure and works just like an online chat with a doctor or nurse. The video consultation platform is secure and private and allows our registered pharmacists to provide expert advice on medication use, side effects and more through screen sharing technology, all without concerns around privacy, security and safety.

Face to face telehealth session on your mobile phone
Online Chat with Chemist

Choose your Pharmacist

You simply choose your preferred pharmacist, and an appointment time during registration and then you connect directly with your chosen pharmacist at the time of the appointment.

Digital technology allows our platform to be used on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets/iPads, etc and Desktop solutions like Apple and PC.