ADHD Medication Holiday

Why does a medication holiday work?

Question: What is a Medication Holiday? Answer: A medication holiday is a deliberate, temporary suspension from medication. This differs from medication non-compliance. It can vary in length of time from a weekend, to a month duration. When considering a medication holiday, it typically involves the use of stimulant medications (eg dexamphetamine), not the non-stimulants (eg […]

Hay fever management

Best Hay fever Solution from Pharmacist

Written by Jamie-Lee Woods   The days are longer, the air is warmer and the grass is greener – spring has sprung! For many people, the change in season can also mean the onset of hay fever. Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is a very common allergic condition affecting 1 in 5 Australians, […]

National Stroke Awareness Week 31st August – 6th September

brain scan stroke week National Stroke Awareness Week 31st August - 6th September

Written by Jamie-Lee Woods There is no better time than now to learn about what a stroke is, how to recognise the symptoms, and how we can protect ourselves from having one! What is a stroke? Our bodies are full of blood vessels transporting oxygen and nutrient filled blood to, and removing waste products from, […]

Why YOU need access to pharmacists online

Pharamcist Live Chat

Pharmacists are the undisputed medication experts. They train for years to understand how to get the best out of medications and also prevent harm. Historically, people have only paid for products when they go to a pharmacy but not for the expert advice pharmacists offer.   When people are isolated (due to geographical location or […]

🤩 Indispensable is #7 on Apple Podcasts

Online Pharmacist Advice

Indispensable is #7 in the Medicine & Health section of Apple Podcasts in Australia this week. Thank you for getting it there by downloading and listening to the variety of health and medicine topics we cover with the medication experts: pharmacists!

📢 Hear more about PharmOnline on Thursday 11th June

Online Pharmacist Advice

📢 A big day promoting PharmOnline tomorrow! We will be on ABC New England North West from 9:35am (the link to listen live is below), talking to Allie Xu from Global Pharmacy Entrepreneur Community at 2pm and then on International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) “Challenging the narrative on leadership in gender equity during the COVID-19 Pandemic” at 10pm! 😅

BREAKING: PharmOnline accepted into the NSW 3-Day BRIGHT Workshop

Interviewing the best online pharmacist advice service

Designed for digital health companies with a technical or commercial proof-of-concept, PharmOnline is one of just 12 companies who will receive small group coaching from a team of industry commercial experts. We are looking forward to learning more during the workshop mid-June!