Online Pharmacist Advice

Online Pharmacist Advice For Your Family From the Safety of Your Home

Online Pharmacist Advice

Online Pharmacist Advice For Your Family From the Safety of Your Home

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Online Health and Medicinal Advice

Health issues can happen to anyone – no matter where they are or what time of day it is, and health care providers are not always within easy reach.

Utilising Telehealth technology, PharmOnline is offering solutions to patients who require answers from a health care provider without the need for a physical examination.

As a telehealth provider, our online consultation service offers a safe, comfortable experience for anyone who is remote and miles away from a general practitioner. On the flip side, our remote consultations offer a great alternative to individuals who do not wish to visit a health practitioner in person, as the thought of sitting in a medical centre waiting room or queueing in a pharmacy amidst a Covid 19 outbreak makes them uneasy

Every member in the PharmOnline team is a registered, experienced healthcare professional. We are here to help solve your medication and health enquiries and dispense accurate, and invaluable, information.

Using our Telehealth Consultation , our pharmacists can review your medication plans, provide treatment suggestions and even refer you on for further care if required – all at the click of a button.

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Expert Pharmacists

As a healthcare provider, we are extremely lucky to have a team that consists of specialists who have manned their own pharmacies, led classes in the academia world, specialised in mental health and now also offer care to you via your private video Consultation.

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Pharmacist Advice 24/7

Simply book an online telehealth appointment using our intuitive booking system, indicate which of the telehealth items you wish to discuss, select a time that suits you and your schedule, and we will help.

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Simple To Use On All Devices

Built for all ages and generations, respondents indicate that our Online Telehealth Service is simple to use on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop PC's. Using video conferencing technology, this application offers a client the ultimate opportunity to speak with a health professional via telehealth consult without any of the unnecessary risk the Covid 19 Pandemic creates.

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Face To Face Video Chat

Things are so much easier when a medical practitioner and a patient can see each other, especially while discussing Health and Medicinal Concerns, so our health service is perfect for those who don't need a physical examination. No Medical Centre waiting rooms, lining up to see a doctor in their clinic when a pharmacist can help. Online pharmacists offer the same information about medical care as a brick and mortar pharmacy, however our telehealth solution means that you stay in your home, instead of a pharmacy, practice or clinic.

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Discuss Medication

Whether you are wondering about compatibility of different medications, or need to ask how medication will affect you or your special ones, we are here to help. Our specialist team can provide telemedicine service, and should it be found that you require additional assistance, they can advise on the next steps for seeing a clinician in a general practice, or a professional in occupational therapy if needed.

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Let's Assess Aches and Pains

Sometimes an upset tummy, an ache or pain can be scary. So, let's diagnose whether it needs medication, a good rest or perhaps some simple TLC. A pharmacist

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Trouble with Pooing

You may laugh, but with current concerns around COVID 19, and changing diets due to self isolation, our bodies are pretty stressed. Let us know if you have any concerns, and we can advise you on the next steps if needed

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Get Things While They're Small

Ignoring little tweaks, aches, and twangs can sometimes help them grow into throbs, gnawing and pain. Speak to us if you have any concerns, and we can simply troubleshoot with you as to whether more help is needed

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Body = Temple

Our body is indeed our temple, but we treat it like a machine. And for women, the workload is huge when pregnant, so if you have any questions about your body, pregnancy, and self-care, simply book a time to have a private chat from your home.

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Medicine Cabinet Audit

When was the last time you took the time to see what medicine is in your cabinet, and whether it is still safe to use? We offer a cabinet audit just for this reason, so book a time, and let's go through your pill boxes together via teleconference Indispensable is for Australians who want to know how to use their medications effectively and improve their health. In each episode, we share medication tips from the experts: pharmacists.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Book your Online Pharmacist Consultation at PharmOnline and one of our expert pharmacists can answer any questions you have Face To Face with a Telehealth Video Session

Absolutely!  Book a Telehealth Session with us and you can ask a Pharmacist Australia Wide about your ailment, and you can even review the medications and treatments you already have in the house to see if the solution is right beside you!

This is something we can discuss with you under many circumstances. Without giving specific treatment plan examples, we know that it would be worth your while enquiring with us and making a booking.

Simply book a Telelealth Appointment with PharmOnline and we can provide the answers you need

If you are experiencing an emergency, Dial 000 or seek medical help. 

Otherwise our highly skilled Pharmacists are able to offer Pharmacy level Medical Advice online and refer you to the appropriate departments or clinics if needed.

Pharmacies are being kept up to date with the current Health Information provided by The Department of Health.  Book your telehealth app ointment with us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We can certainly help with your query!  Hay fever Symptoms seem to be the latest but our online pharmacist advice can help determine if you have anything to worry about. We can even help you check if you’ve got something in the house to treat your symptoms. 

Most of our customers note the convenience of not leaving the house a huge bonus. 

The ability to see some one face to face via our pharmacist live chat while staying IN YOUR HOME are also a key benefits of our online service VS a brick and mortar pharmacy down the road.

Online Pharmacist Advice

Listen to "Indispensable" with PharmOnline

Indispensable is for Australians who want to know how to use their medications effectively and improve their health. In each episode, we share medication tips from the experts: pharmacists.

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PharmOnline is an advisory service that aims to provide Australians with 24/7 remote access to registered, experienced pharmacists via telehealth consultations.

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