On-Line Pharmacist Advice For Parents and Parents-to-be in Rural Northern Territory

Delivered via our Cutting Edge Telehealth Consultation Service.

Questions regarding children’s  Medication and General Health Concerns can be addressed by our expert Pharmacists via our Online Telehealth Service for Families

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Our Telehealth Consultation Service empowers you to speak to a healthcare professional while remaining within your own comfort zone, improving your quality of life without risk

Medication Choices

What Medications can you not touch when pregnant? What can you safely give to your kids?

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Discuss vitamins, mental health, skin care and more with our specialist pharmacists

Let's discuss common ailments

Whether it be stress on your body from pregnancy, your child being ill or general queries.

Conception to Kindy

From Conception to Kindy, we are only a telehealth session away from addressing any concerns you have

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In order to reach every household in the country, Anna wants to place a pharmacist,
Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
As the founder of PharmOnline, Anna envisioned remote patients and isolated individuals accessing telehealth services online using a video advisory service. 
By partnering with experienced pharmacists, her team is able to achieve this monumental goal. Anna is a medication expert behind the mission to make all Australians’ lives better through education, advice, and advocacy.

We all know the “joy” of packing up the kids just to go down to a brick and mortar shop to do something that could have been done online.  Our Online Advisory Telehealth Service help’s avoid that inconvenience.  

Telehealth Service Available Australia-Wide

As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to our Telehealth Consultation Service

Professional Health Advice, Convenience & Flexibility

Whether you be stuck in bed, isolating at home, unable to leave work or simply haven't got the energy to venture outside, we have you covered.

Safety & Privacy

Our Secure Telehealth Software allows you to get questions to sensitive and personal questions from the comfort of your own home

Broad Advice Capabilities

Pharmacists are some of the most knowledgeable staff in the field of medicine. And while our knowledge encompasses medicines, their use and ingredients, or their side effects, we are able to assist with many other health and lifestyle queries as well.

Remote Health Consultations for All of The Northern Territory


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! One of our directives is to help parents with their kids, “From Conception to Kindy”.  And of course, that doesn’t mean we stop when kindergarten starts up – we want to be your go to for pharmaceutical help for many years in to the future

We’re happy to help!  Simply book to speak to us and we will have one of our pharmacists answer any questions you may have about your medication plan.  And if you want to really be prepared, consider booking a Medicine Cabinet Audit with us and we can review the contents of your cabinet together, ensuring you have the correct line up to keep your family safe, and healthy

Please note, if it is an emergency, please dial 000.

Inspecting infections on your childs body is something we can do via our video conferencing system.  We can review the wound, inform you of how to treat it, and with what, and should you need more detailed assistance we can refer you to the appropriate department or clinic.

We can discuss pregnancy diet choices with you and advise on what supplements you can take that may enhance fertility and help you provide a healthy environment for conception

Our experienced Pharmacists are ready to answer any questions you have. 

“I really enjoyed this online experience because I didn’t need to travel 50km (30 minutes) to get advice and I could do it in the safe surrounds of my home.”

Jaclyn, 33

"I love the fact that I can simply book a face to face chat on my iPad and not have to worry about popping my kids in the car and driving 20 minutes each way to the local chemist."

Shannon, 42

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Since we commenced our Telehealth service, we have had an ever-increasing number of enquiries from families who are planning to conceive or trying to, are pregnant already or have a growing family.

With our service being able to reach regions all over the NT we’re able to answers questions and address health concerns for people in the Jabiru area, Katherine, Alice Springs, Nhulunbury, across the Palmerston-East Arm, Tennant Creek, Yulara and of course Darwin and it’s suburbs.

Pregnant women and soon-to-be pregnant parents contact us often with questions about finding a health care provider and an advisory service. Through our remote teleconference service, we serve as that advisory service.  


can i take this medicine while I am pregnant

Our professional Pharmacists get to answer questions regarding fertility, breastfeeding, mental health, healthy pregnancy choices, healthy diet, drinking alcohol, what medication can be safely used to manage things like folic acid, morning sickness, prenatal vitamin requirements and more.

Our pharmacists are able to answer questions on fertility, breastfeeding, mental health, healthy pregnancy decisions, healthy diet, drinking alcohol, what medications can be safely used to manage things like folic acid, morning sickness, and prenatal vitamin requirements.

In addition to being an incredible experience, being pregnant can cause some extra stress on a person due to the creation of a new life.

Using our Telehealth Service for Families, our clients ask us when they chat online with us about high blood pressure, diabetes, early pregnancy, weight gain, calcium drops, and more. We can advise them on nutritious food choices, a good strong pregnancy diet, calcium supplements, and physical activity to help them achieve the best result possible.

can i take this medicine while I am pregnant
help for those in isolated areas

As a result of pregnant women’s concern over pregnancy complications, we receive questions about pharmaceutical choices and medications that are safe for both mother and fetus.

We are here to help in any way we can with advice, and if need be, we will refer you to another specialist for more insight.

When your healthy baby is born, we can continue to provide parents, families, and bub with valuable health advice via our Conception to Kindy Program.

Maybe you have noticed a rash on your child’s body and need someone to examine it, or perhaps you are concerned that they might have an ear infection, or perhaps you just want to ensure you are providing them with the correct vitamins to maintain their healthy weight.

We frequently answer these questions as pharmacists using our face-to-face teleconferencing software, but you can ask a doctor as well.

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We notice that things like healthy eating and pregnancy care are sometimes forgotten about as kids and families get older.

This is a result of running out of time. Getting into town can seem too difficult when we are working, managing a business, or living on the farm.

Sometimes, due to risks such as COVID, we simply don’t feel like venturing outside.

Regardless of what question you have about you, your family, or your family-to-be, if you think you’d like to see a pharmacist, PharmOnline can provide you with face-to-face assistance through our Online Telehealth Service for Families

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