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Anna Barwick

Anna Barwick

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6 Great Indispensable Tips For Kids Vaccinations

We’re keeping this short today, but valuable.

We are often asked for tips about Child Vaccination.  Well here are our top SIX:

1.  Keep an updated record of when your children’s vaccinations are due.
2.  Consider installing the Save the Date to Vaccinate app on your smartphone.
3.  The Australian Immunisation Handbook app provides further information about the NIP and the vaccines that are required at each age
4.  Take along items to distract your child during the vaccinations: a noisy toy, healthy food or drink and ensure you can move your child around straight after.
5.  Check out reliable websites for videos explaining vaccination including the SKAI and the NCIRS
6.  Use a cuddle or straddle hold during vaccinations to reassure your child and build trust between your child and health professionals.

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